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Similarities of Tae Kwon-Do students and Blue Sky learners

I have been at Blue Sky School for a little over a year, and it has recently come to my attention that the core skills of Tae Kwon-Do and Blue Sky overlap in many ways. In Tae Kwon-Do, there are the five values, or as we call them, Tenets. The Tenets of Tae Kwon-Do are; Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit At Blue Sky School, we also have values, or Ideals. We believe that the ultimate Learner will show all of these. The ideals of Blue Sky School are; Kindness, Curiosity, Responsibility  At first, you might not think that these overlap, but once we get into dissecting them, they all work together to create the best learner there can be. First, let’s tackle Courtesy . This one was the easiest to dissect for me. First of all, it’s a direct synonym for Kindness, as seen on Courtesy and Kindness can also be shown in very similar ways. In Tae Kwon-Do, courtesy is shown by saying ‘Yes Sir/Ma’am’, and standing straight with hands be

TEDx Conference Part 2 (Will's Part)

Top Ten Best Moments - Part 2 “Grace and Will at the conference” Intro The Power of a Dime - Frank O’Dea (Will) The first speaker to take the stage was co-founder of Second Cup and Officer of the Order of Canada Frank O’Dea. He started off his speech by talking about his youth and how he used to be homeless in Toronto. He said that it was a rough and sometimes violent existence. He shared about his drinking problems when he was homeless, saying that he would panhandle with his buddies trying to get enough for a bottle of wine and talking about what they would do tomorrow, “Tomorrow I’ll get a job, Tomorrow I’ll quit drinking, Tomorrow I’ll call my family” then having to choose whether or not to sleep inside or out. He finally realized that he had two choices, “Die or change.” That’s when he thought about an ad he heard in a shop that was about alcoholism that kept repeating a phone number. He went to the nearest payphone a

Important People in Suits Talking About Canada (Political Debate) - by Kiara

This debate, and politics as a whole, are serious business. But, seeing as I’m not a very serious person, I feel like it’s only fair that we get to make light of it. Now, I know that the title say that they were talking about Canada, and they sort of were, but it was really just a bunch of children that were piloting mechs shaped like business people arguing about who was the best. I’m not saying that normally, they’re not great, but the fact that Scheer and Trudeau couldn’t get over the fact that OH NO THEY WERE BOTH THERE kind of speaks for itself. I feel so sorry for the poor moderators. The day after the debate took place, we had a big discussion about it, and how each party leader carried themselves- specifically about what made each party special. Like I said before, politics are very serious, but after watching the debate recap, it was really hard to believe that those are the people in charge. It was funny, but filled me with an existential dread, and everytime

Waste-Free Shopping Excursion

How long does it usually take you to do your groceries? This past Sunday, it took us five hours and four different stops to get our groceries done! In this blog post I will share about starting phase two of my waste-free journey, purchasing zero-waste grocery products, and some big struggles we faced so far. This weekend when we were planning our meals for the week, we realized that while we are going waste-free we could simultaneously be supporting small local businesses. We started looking online for some kind of farmers market and we realized that there are quite a few in the Ottawa area. The one that ended up being most convenient for us was the Lansdowne farmers’ market, so we decided to try it! Then came Sunday, the day we tend to go shopping, and it was pouring rain but we went shopping regardless. We drove to the farmers’ market and when we got there we realized it was an outdoor market. It took a lot of will power but we got out of the car and did our groceries in the pour