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Live Blog Post from Our First Day as Youth Innovators in Residence with the ISED Lab

from Chuck: "We are writing live from the ISED Lab. We are learning about technology and exploring the ISED Lab and we learning about history. Today, we are learning about technology and what the future is going to be like and how the technology is going to improve." from Jaden: "The ISED Lab is a problem-solving place. The people who are here like to think about the future. It is interesting and colourful. They have a zebra. They are having us build with Lego. We are building things from the future. I am building a future home! It has a big dragon egg with a flower inside of it, two propellors and two futuristic dogs made into a throne. I think the future will be different everyday and special. So, make sure you appreciate the difference!" from Charlotte: "The ISED Lab is a place where people create and they explore ideas they've never thought of before. Today, we are looking at ideas of the future. We are thinking about what will the future be like. W