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Dear Blue Sky School

Dear Blue Sky School, In the past I had a very tough time, I wasn't going to school, I didn't believe in myself, and I didn’t trust anyone. I felt as if everyone had given up on me, but most of all I had given up on myself. Thanks to Blue Sky School my whole life has been changed for the better. Blue Sky has helped me so much, when I’m here I learn, I grow, and I take huge leaps towards my future. This environment helped me realize that I always had talents but needed a way to express them and allow them to shine. I want to say thank you to everyone at Blue Sky for giving me the chance to experience this school. The past four months have been the best of my life. If you would have told me two years ago that I would be in such an astonishing place with such amazing people I wouldn't have believed you. However, everyone at Blue Sky has made me feel so loved and respected and you all mean so much to me. I have actually learned stuff here and I have grown so much