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Teacher Opens Dream School - by Alexandra Elves

Shauna Pollock and five Pioneers (students) sit comfortably in the Language Lab. They are surrounded by two walls of books organized in rainbow order and a picture of a red octopus is framed on the wall. Sitting on the table between them all is a round microphone, they talk about world water day on their weekly podcast. When Pollock dreamed of starting her own school this is what she wanted. A place where the boundaries of education are pushed and learning isn’t just about what you know in a classroom, but about teaching you lessons for life. Blue Sky School, an independent prototype school of tomorrow, has been living in Pollock’s head for years, but it opened its doors for students Sept. 2017. “I would always say within the next 10 years I’m going to open a school, and then time started passing and I realized, I keep kind of restarting that end date,” Pollock said. After talking to a former student’s parent, who also happened to be a teacher, Karen Hill, timing was righ