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Spring Clean Up by Grace for Green Team

     If you want to have a ball and help out in your community all at once, then come on down to Blue Sky School! On May 9th , students at Blue Sky School are hosting a Spring Clean Up! The meeting location is at 95 Denzil Doyle Ct, Kanata from 11-12 ! There you will receive all the supplies you will need and will be given a location to clean up! You can contact us at for further information! We hope to see you there to help us clean up our community!

An Interview with Carson Kennedy, future chef

Emma Wallace spoke with me, Carson Kennedy, to get the scoop on my love of cooking and food! I am a pioneer student at Blue Sky School. I’m famously known for my pita chips, stir frys AND cookie pizzas. “ Carson won’t stop making concoctions.” John Kennedy (Carson’s Dad) Q: Why do you love cooking? A: It is fun. You get to eat something that you made and you try to make something that someone who is good at cooking tried to make. I like to succeed at things that others have succeeded at. I like to chop vegetables and physically prepare the food. I don’t like measuring things. Q: Where do you find your recipes? A:  I don’t really use recipes. I just make things how I know how to make them. I make things to my taste. In the summer, I have made a party drink that I call “The Iceberg”. You take 7-up or Sprite and Cool Whip (the liquid stuff in the can). You pour the cool whip into the 7-up. Since it is fizzy it foams up and makes it look like an iceberg when you d