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Our second week-By: Madison George

Last week we went to Red Pine Camp for some team building and to get to know each other a bit better. We did so many fun activities. Here are some: Some Algonquin friends from the Pikwakanagan nation, Barrie and Chris, came to Red pine to do a drum circle with us. We got to dance and males got to play the drum (The reason why only the males could play the grandmother drum is that it was given to them so that they were equal to Women because women have the power to give life.) We had a great time as a community. We also got to do some trust exercises on the ropes course. We did one where everybody held a mat to catch each other and we had to try to climb up a very wobbly ladder. We did another challenge where we had to use our partner to walk across a wire. We did some others like trust falls.  We had a workshop about evolution with B followed by an activity with Shauna and a game with Deagan called Predator and Prey, that all went together. We also played a game called Sardines,