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Looking for the Helpers - by coach B

Back in my day, school bathrooms were not the most inspiring of places. I think back in horror to the foul and inconsiderate things my peers would do to vandalize the bathrooms. The ceilings of my elementary school bathroom were caked with wet toilet paper balls (think: giant spitballs) and the walls were scraped and littered with writing. It was so chaotic and messy, that I recall being scared to go to the bathroom alone. Thankfully, things look a little different in the bathroom stalls at Blue Sky School. Every teacher and parent cherishes a bathroom break, but for me, there’s something particularly special about being surrounded by the graffitied walls at Blue Sky. The bathroom walls, “vandalized” with positive, uplifting, and encouraging messages, are a daily reminder of the values and habits that Karen and Shauna, our co-founders, have instilled in our learners. These little stalls are a microcosm of the work Karen and Shauna have tirelessly put into creating a culture that cel