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Reflections of a Pioneer's Parent

I can’t recall exactly when or how I first heard of Blue Sky School — I suspect it was through a friend who saw something on Facebook. But, I know it caught my eye in the Kanata Kourier in March, 2017. As I read the article about this new school opening up in Kanata, I liked what I read. I found the messages from the co-founders exciting. While I had dabbled in looking at alternative education for my son over the years, it had always seemed out of reach; a dream of an alternate “if only” reality. But, something propelled me to the town hall meeting on March 29, 2017, in Modern Niagara. I went alone. Nervous and preparing myself to leave disappointed. The town hall surprised me. The presentation, the ideas, the audience, and their questions. I definitely did not leave disappointed. Rather, I walked away interested in more. Over time, Shauna and I spoke and slowly that out-of-reach goal seemed to be orbiting closer to my family’s grasp. My son was getting very excited at the thought