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A Shift in Attitude - Reflections of a Blue Sky Parent

Happy learners at Blue Sky School. Our attitudes begin to develop in childhood and constantly evolve and change over the years through day-to-day interactions and experiences. All the things that you have been through, all the people you have met and interacted with can have an impact on your attitude. One’s school environment can greatly influence one’s attitude.    Unfortunately for our daughter, her conventional school experience was not the best. As a bright and eager learner who aspired to work on more creative projects, her needs were not being met. She was so bored. So stuck. It was sad to see such passion being sucked out of her and she began to develop a very negative attitude towards school.     The infrastructure of the conventional school model just doesn't allow for this type of creative outlet. It's a time management and numbers thing. No fault of all the great teachers out there.  With the increased demands on the classroom teacher, higher stud