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Having a Passion and Why it's Important

     I believe that everybody needs a passion, but what really is a passion? A passion is something that you believe in and that has some responsibility for defining you. You can have multiple passions, I do and it's a good thing if you do, because a unique combination of passions, if used to it's full potential, can create some unique and amazing results. Some examples of passions are music, animal rights, human rights, and making. How are you supposed to achieve your passion? How do you even discover your passion? These are all good questions that I will do my best to answer in the following paragraphs.      How are you supposed to achieve your passion? That's a bit of a trick question and misconception. You can't achieve your passion, your passion is what helps you to decide on what goals you have to achieve. Not everybody has the same passions and that's a good thing, to reiterate on the preceding paragraph, your passions make you who you are.       How do y

The Magic Number (Going into more Detail)

     Whether you wanted it or not, it's here. The Magic Number Part 2 has arrived. In one of my previous blog posts, we talked about the number 7 and how it applies to writing elevator pitches. In my opinion and with my experience, I have discovered that there are 7 steps to successfully writing an elevator pitch and today I will write around 7 sentences about each of these 7 steps. This blog post is brought to you by the letter 49. (It's not so good the second time, is it?)       The first step is to have a topic. Topics inform your audience about what it is you will be talking about and it gives them something to expect. Your topic should be included in the first couple sentences of your pitch. Remember that the point of your elevator pitch should be to get across something that you have to offer. This will most likely either be a service, idea, or product. Another thing to keep in mind is that your topic is the thing that will intrigue your audience and it is important to