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It's Almost Here!

     As some of you may know, the open house for Blue Sky School is on Wednesday the 30th of August. From the time of me writing this, that's tomorrow. That's mind boggling. More work than you could ever imagine has gone into the planning. Every step, from making plans to executing them, has been meticulously planned by Karen Hill and Shauna Pollock. But, what's so awesome about the Blue Sky School facilities? I'm happy I asked.       First off, we have an epic place for clothes. Why am I mentioning the larger than normal closet? Because it's awesome. If you keep walking, you'll see a gender neutral washroom because we respect all gender identities or lack thereof. It's the kind of washroom that makes you appreciate the invention of the toilet. Squeaky clean and perfect, it's the place you want to be in when you gotta go.      It sounds pretty great already, but there's more yet. The next room you will encounter has at least 1600 books in it. Boo