Hallowe'en Plans - by Mina

Happy Hallowe'en Blue Sky!

This Thursday, the 31st, Blue Sky will be executing some fun Hallowe'en activities, including the following:
Special effects makeup, 
Murder mystery 
Some spookily fun baking

In terms of costumes, students are not allowed to bring any type of weapon.

We hope you all  have a spooky Halloween!

  • Our “Hallowe’enies” learner team has organized a day of Hallowe’en adventure
    • Learners may wear costumes to school, please note that masks and makeup are OK, but weapons of any kind are a no-no
    • Learners who would like to wear a costume, but are having trouble coming up with an idea can join a theme that a few learners have created - “Proud Canadians”: wear your Canada, hockey or plaid clothes and have your face painted at school!
    • Special events:
      • 9-10 a.m. - as learners arrive, they will join in with several rounds of Werewolf
      • 10-11:30 - Deagan and B are planning a spooky and sweet Culinary Science
      • 11:30-12 - Lunch
      • 12-12:30 - Personal Choice, including a makeup/Special Effects station run by learners
      • 12:30-3 - learner-run Murder Mystery (each learner will get character info early next week!)


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