Waste-Free Shopping Excursion

How long does it usually take you to do your groceries? This past Sunday, it took us five hours and four different stops to get our groceries done! In this blog post I will share about starting phase two of my waste-free journey, purchasing zero-waste grocery products, and some big struggles we faced so far.

This weekend when we were planning our meals for the week, we realized that while we are going waste-free we could simultaneously be supporting small local businesses. We started looking online for some kind of farmers market and we realized that there are quite a few in the Ottawa area. The one that ended up being most convenient for us was the Lansdowne farmers’ market, so we decided to try it!

Then came Sunday, the day we tend to go shopping, and it was pouring rain but we went shopping regardless. We drove to the farmers’ market and when we got there we realized it was an outdoor market. It took a lot of will power but we got out of the car and did our groceries in the pouring rain. Sadly due to the rain there weren't as many vendors as there would have been so we could not get all of the groceries we needed like milk, cheese ,basil, chicken, sweet potatoes and sour cream. Cheese and meat have been some of the most difficult products for us to find waste-free, so we were pleasantly surprised to find a butchery called The Butchery where you can bring your own reusable containers. We ended up having to go to NU, a waste-free grocery store, a butcher and Farm Boy. Luckily, at those stores we got everything we needed. We will not usually need to visit four stores and use up five hours of our Sunday but we are still deep in the learning curve. We hopefully be more efficient next week.


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