Important People in Suits Talking About Canada (Political Debate) - by Kiara

This debate, and politics as a whole, are serious business. But, seeing as I’m not a very serious person, I feel like it’s only fair that we get to make light of it.

Now, I know that the title say that they were talking about Canada, and they sort of were, but it was really just a bunch of children that were piloting mechs shaped like business people arguing about who was the best. I’m not saying that normally, they’re not great, but the fact that Scheer and Trudeau couldn’t get over the fact that OH NO THEY WERE BOTH THERE kind of speaks for itself.

I feel so sorry for the poor moderators.

The day after the debate took place, we had a big discussion about it, and how each party leader carried themselves- specifically about what made each party special.

Like I said before, politics are very serious, but after watching the debate recap, it was really hard to believe that those are the people in charge. It was funny, but filled me with an existential dread, and everytime Bernier spoke, I died a little inside. I feel like he’d be a really good talk show host; screaming into the void about absolutely nothing. That was the debate, kind of, him doing a weirdly calm yelly thing into a void but the void is full of people and all of those people are wondering what he’s doing here.

All of the politicians on stage had mastered the art of yelling but not yelling- using their inside voices but with the force a bull would use to chuck The Worst Matador In The World into the sun. Except for Scheer. Scheer, i’m pretty sure, thought he was the best wordsmith on earth, completely decimating Trudeau with his SuperAmazingDebateSkillztm when really, he was mostly using debate fallacies that Deagan had taught us about, specifically Mudslinging (Insulting the person instead of talking about politics) and generally being salty. Pretty much everyone was guilty of debate fallacies, from Slippery Slope to Hasty generalizations.

So, in conclusion, the candidates may be good politicians, but they are terrible at debating.


  1. I enjoy your writing style, Kiara. Would love to read your perspective on other things!


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