Midia’s Presentation- Science and Entrepreneurship! By Grace Hill

(Us listening to Midia Presenting) 

At Blue Sky School, we have the amazing privilege of inviting brilliant and passionate changemakers into our space to learn from. On September 19th, 2019 we once again were proven that Midia Shikh Hassan is no exception. I could go into giving you one description of who Midia is and what Midia does but I think this quote concludes it perfectly:

“I don’t really define myself as one thing because I am the type of person that doesn't like to be doing only one thing at a time. I identify with a lot of things and a lot of communities” - Midia Shikh Hassan

I think this sums up the type of person Midia really is. At Blue Sky, we like to joke that she is good at everything because in the past she has mentored us on the most random range of things that she seems to have expertise on. She discussed with us that day on our current Exploration (a topic to dive into for a 12 week period), community.  She talked about how she grew up in a place near Syria and her journey on moving to Canada. She talked about her passion for learning about everything, and how she took advantage of her education. Most importantly, she talked about her passion for changing the world and how she combined her passion for learning and started her organization, Dextra.  Dextra 3D print’s prosthetics for refugees and the disabled. 

Listening to Midia definitely inspired all of us to not only make an impact, but learn as much as possible and take advantage of this amazing experience we get at Blue Sky school. She truly taught us that learning is what will change the world. Thank you Midia for making the world a better place everyday!

(A superhero who goes by the name Midia)


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