Going to the Ecomuseum By Alex

Once in a lifetime opportunity being a zookeeper at the Ecomuseum

On October 2, 2019, we went on an immersive experience to the Ecomuseum, which is situated in Montreal. We all had to wake early to get to school by 7:00 AM (I was super tired). I traveled with a few other learners in Karen’s car, we listened to some roaring loud music of many different genres, it was exhilarating. When we got there, we were greeted by two of the most phenomenal zookeepers, Pier-Luc and Nickie. We then put our backpacks and coats away in our room and went to the restrooms. Our first exciting task was to prepare numerous gourmet meals for the animals, as they had different diets. It consisted of vibrantly coloured vegetables, slimy fish, and large delicious mushrooms. Once the meals were prepared, we went outside to feed some of the animals. My favourite animals were the merganser ducks which feeds on fish and the show-off fancy ducks. It was then time to clean our hands and eat our lunches. In the afternoon, we visited the gift shop, reptiles, and fish. We then made more meals for the rest of the animals, such as stuffed pumpkins and sausages for the Ravens and the Wolves. To finish off this experience, we went back inside to look at a snake, a turtle, and a big frightening bird with big claws. We thanked  Pier-Luc, and Nickie for the wonderful day, and headed to Boston Pizza for dinner. After our scrumptious dinner at Boston Pizza, we got ready for the long drive back to school. On the way back, I even got the privilege to ride in a nice spacious quiet car. It was such a fantastic field trip. 


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