Eloquent Ottawa: First Session - by Grace

On the 23rd Monday of September 2019 we had our first session with Alex from Eloquent Ottawa, where we learn how to be boss public speakers!  We first discussed what to get out of these sessions. Pretty much, each learner in the program will pick a topic of their choice, and write a speech about it that's five minutes long. The end result would be to present our speeches to the Blue Sky community, so stay tuned for some lit speeches! 

Then, we got into doing an activity called “People of Paris.” The purpose of this activity was to confront our public speaking fears. Each of us had to get up, turn to the audience and say “People of Paris, ... and then they would add their own phrase to say to everyone. Then, we had to do it again but this time as a character of the audience choosing. For example, we picked a President, a Unicorn, a Tourist, Mr Clean, and the Queen to name a few. This really helped us feel more safe with the rest of the learners in the program.

This has, so far, been such a great experience for us Blue Sky learners and we are looking forward to becoming better more confident public speakers in the future!


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