Duke of Edinburgh by Jess

During the past month, a handful of learners have been taking part in an online course called Duke Of Edinburgh bronze award. In this course, there are 4 outcomes that need to be completed. Physical recreation, Skills, Service, and the Adventurous Journey. To complete these sections the learner has to choose and create an outcome to complete. For example, my skills outcome is creative writing, I will write 30 000 words in a book I am writing with another learner. I need to complete 13 hours of work on this topic only being able to log 1 hour per week (so over a 13-week span). One of the other Blue Sky learners who is taking part in Duke Of Ed said “I really like how they have it all formatted out because it's really easy to use, I think it's a really important experience for people to try out because it kinda pushes you to try and you learn and develop skills on your way”. This contest shows that you have determination, perseverance, and dedication. It's well recognized in universities and businesses.


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