Community Day with Modern Niagara by Bella

On Friday, October 4th, Blue Sky School went to Camp Woolsey to clean up for winter. We helped out Modern Niagara with whatever we could on this day. We spread mulch along the edge of the parking lot, we filled the potholes with gravel, stocked the woodsheds, moved canoes, and raked the beach. It doesn't sound like much, but I can assure you, our joints liked us significantly less after this. 

Mulching: The mulching took much longer than we thought it would, the group of learners had to rake, shovel, and wheel around big chunks of the stuff. At first they thought it was a little pile that they could finish in an hour, with just a few rakes, and boy oh boy were they wrong. The pile had been compressed by rain, and was so dense that the progress was slow. When we finally finished it was so rewarding!

Graveling: “We started with a giant gravel pile and as we filled potholes the pile gradually shrunk and it was heartening to see that because it was representative of the work we were doing.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Will

Stocking the Woodsheds: We gathered the chopped wood from the main woodshed, then put the pieces into wheelbarrows and took them over to all the woodshed at various campsites. It was frustrating at first but after we got into the flow of it it was kind of fun! Emma-Lee and I were stocking together, because Deagan asked us to ‘help’ him stock. He then proceeded to dump his wheelbarrow full of wood next to us and leave. Me made the most of it though, we had fun!

Raking the Beach: raking the beach was really fun! Though the beach was much bigger than we expected, we got most of it done with a few challenges along the way (quicksand and tarps)
 - Jaden 

And that was our day! Overall it was super fun and we felt great about helping people!


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