Choir! Choir! Choir! By Jaden

Choir! Choir! Choir! was started by Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman (aka DaBu) in 2011 as a weekly drop-in singing event.
Their project is about bringing people together through singing, comedy, and community building! The night includes it all!
When you arrive you get a lyric sheet at the door, DaBu will lead you through learning about the vocal arrangement, and a video
is recorded. Everyone learns the songs together and has so much fun while at it! 

On Sunday, February 16, 2020 Choir! Choir! Choir! is coming to the National Arts Center (the NAC) for an event at 8:00pm.
Tickets start at $15.00 and go up to $40.00 depending on where you want to sit. 

If anyone is interested in going to sing, please email me ( so I can coordinate for everyone to sit
together! (this is not an official Blue Sky event, but I thought other learners might be interested) 

“I’m so excited to go because nothing nurtures the soul like singing” Brianne Bond about going to watch Choir! Choir! Choir! 


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