An Awesome Presentation by Anya from Ausome By:Julia Smith

We have had an amazing experience this year to have at least one guest speaker come into our school each week. One of the incredible guest speakers that have come into our school is Anya. Anya works for a charitable organization called Ausome. Ausome is an incredible organization that makes sure that children on the autism spectrum have the opportunity to participate in group sport activities that they would not normally be able to participate in due to sensory/anxiety issues. Every session they experience a new sport to try to find a sport that the children will excel in and enjoy. Since Ausome is a charitable organization they rely heavily on volunteers, to volunteer with their organisation all you need to commit to is volunteering to at least one session a month and be at least over the age of 15. 

That was our amazing time with Anya from Ausome!

“ This was so inspiring, I have always wondered how children on the autism spectrum play sports and now I know how!”-anonymous learner


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