Theme Park Designs - by Jess

During the Discovery Weeks at Blue Sky, we had the experience of doing a Design Sprint that would allow us to create our own theme park.

The inspiration came from Shauna's love for Disney design. To pique our interest, she told us about the history of Walt Disney and all his projects.

After Shauna had clicked the creative switch inside all of our brains, we couldn't wait to get started. We learned about the audiences we were targeting, brainstormed and constructed ideas.

Finally, we made our way to the final steps, prototyping and testing. Each of us students took our ideas and started forming them into a visible creation. Some designs were 3D others were blueprints, some learners did brochures and others did drawings. It was as if our school had turned into a creative warehouse of amazing ideas and imagination.

Once everyone was done prototyping, it was time to see if others liked our theme parks, the final stage had begun. Each learner had the chance to pitch their theme parks and get feedback.

I personally loved this Discovery as it allowed us to open our minds and bring our imagination back into our everyday lives.


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