Theme Park Design Sprint by Bella

Theme Park Design Sprint by Bella
Day One
Crazy 8s

Crazy 8s is a quick way to come up with and plan ideas. “How does it work?”, you might ask. It works like this; first, you fold a piece of paper into eight sections. Then, set a timer for 40 seconds, and focus only on one section for the entire time. Repeat for all sections. Most of the learners have done Crazy 8s before, although the newer learners hadn’t, and it went surprisingly well. After we completed all the sections, we shared what we came up with.

Day Two
Disney stuff:
On the second day of planning, we learned more about the Disney parks around the world to help inspire us. We learned about some of the behind the scenes, and secret things around the parks.

Written plans:
After we learned about the Disney stuff, we began to plan out our parks. We wrote, and drew ideas, and got our creative minds going!


After planning our parks, we taped them to the walls, and went around looking at everyone else’s designs. We also gave feedback to others. We put little heart stickers next to ideas we liked, and put wonderings, stars, planets, and comments on sticky notes.

Day three

We left our designs on the walls overnight, and the next day we gave new and improved feedback, having slept on our ideas.


After giving all our feedback, we went back to our own designs and sorted all the sticky notes. We set aside the ideas we wanted to add, and filed the rest. 

Planning the prototype:

We then planned out what we wanted to make as a prototype and pitched our ideas to a partner. Then, they had 30 seconds to pitch our ideas back to the group.

Days 4-9

We made our prototypes! And we are planning to present our prototypes on Monday .


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