The First Day Of...

During the first few weeks of school, if you check your social media feed, it is sure to be filled with the smiling faces of learners as they return to school. Many families have an annual tradition of getting dressed, putting on backpacks and holding signs of the grade a child is entering. Tracking these photos over the years is an incredible way to watch children grow up.

On the first days of Blue Sky, we wanted to capture photos of our learners starting their new learning journeys. However, all of our learners are in multi-age groups and we don't focus on calendar age or grade level, we had to come up with a Blue Sky way to share OUR first days.

As a result, we are proud to present our first ever "The First Day Of..." series where our learners capture what is important to them as they embark on this year's learning journey!

This September, what firsts did you celebrate?



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