Sharing Breakfast with New Friends from Sir Guy Carleton - by Julia Smith

“It was full of new experiences and new friendships”- Jessica, Blue Sky learner

A unique experience that we have the chance to be a part of at Blue Sky school is something called community partnerships. A community partnership is a way to forge relationships with other businesses, learners and companies in and out of our community. 

A partnership that we have just recently developed is our partnership with the students at Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School. We met up for breakfast at IKEA to practice our budgeting skills, and later in the day our measurement skills. 

It was perfect that we were going to IKEA for a field trip already, because the Sir Guy learners are working on budgeting and life skills so breakfast at IKEA was the perfect way to get to know each other. 

We were separated into different tables with 3-4 Blue Sky learners and 2-3 Sir Guy learners. The tables were filled with pleasant conversations about what we do in the school day, what projects we are working on and we learnt about the different co-op placements that the Sir Guy students are working on. Something that is unique about Sir Guy Carleton is that the school specifies on specific trades and skills. In the morning, students study the curriculum and in the afternoon, they practice specific skills and are in co-op placements. I think that it would be interesting to continue the relationship with Sir Guy and see what we get up to and what type of projects that we create. 
Here is an example of one of the tables that we had!


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