Kindness - by Alicia

Kindness by Alicia

Kindness is an important skill we practice here at Blue Sky, an example of the importance of kindness is the ripple effect. If you were to throw a rock in water, the water would move, causing water all around it to ripple in waves. This is a good analogy toward kindness. If you do a kind thing it may affect people all around you just like the rock does to the water. 

Another thing that I learned on my first day at Blue sky is RAK. RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. I have a Socratic Wheel to track my own school goals, and on it, one of my goals is to do three RAKs a day. 

At Blue Sky, Kindness and Nurtured Heart are used by both the staff and the students to make Blue Sky a safe and fun environment for all learners.


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