House Meetings at Blue Sky School by Jaden Pladzyk-Daniels

At Blue Sky School instead of classes we have two “houses” that meet once a day for an hour. We discuss what’s coming up in the week, we play games, we practice the arts, we build teamwork skills, and much more! Everyone is part of a house and has a say in what we do. These past few weeks one of the main things we’ve talked about is what we wanted to name our houses. Itsarrr goto tdu eeed and RatAttackz are the names we decided on, Itsarrr goto tdu eeed was decided by playing a game with Scrabble pieces and RatAttackz was decided because Rat is Art mixed up and the RatAttackz house does art every meeting. One of our learners gave their opinion on house meetings and this is what she said, “House meetings are fun and I like it when we talk about deep stuff because you get close to your house-mates!” - Bella   

Also once a week on Thursday we have a full house meeting where we come up with new rules as a community.


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