Project Notebook - Our First Ever Crowd-Funding Campaign by Grace

Calling all history nerds and fans of Leonardo da Vinci!

Wow! To think that half a century ago, Leonardo was walking and talking on this planet, making the
world a better place with his amazing brain!

It is crazy how smart he was and the huge impact he made on this world, a big enough impact that 500
years later, his name is commonly known. Unfortunately though, in today's society, though Leonardo name is commonly known not a lot of people no half of the amazing work he did.

I think it is so important that we learn about Leonardo, that is why I am so grateful to Luc Lalande, a dear friend and mentor at Blue Sky School who came into the space and talked to us about Leonardo’s amazing legacy. I learned so much, including his notable painting of the Mona Lisa, his depth of understanding and art of the human body, his inventions and innovations, and to get to the point of this post, his notebook sketches.
One of Leonardo's notebooks
Amazing sketches, studies and notes in a Leonardo Notebook

It was incredible! I found it so cool how we had the ability to recover all of his amazing thinking! After
the workshop, we got really excited about all the things that we learned about and we wanted to do more!

It so happens, that not to far from the school was this company called Northbound Notebook that makes
customized notebooks, similar to what Leonardo’s looked like! Then we started thinking, what if we
could have notebooks just like Leonardo’s?

Therefore, Project Notebook was born!

We want to create our very own da Vinci inspired notebooks to capture our ideas, innovations, inventions,
thoughts and thinking. These notebooks are unique and amazing and we needed help to raise the money
to make one for each and every Blue Sky learner.

A group of learners has been working to research, photograph, create and edit video, plan the design of
the notebooks, write content for our GoFundMe page and contact our friends to tell them about this

Luc's notebook that we're using as inspiration!

Our campaign was only launched a few weeks ago and we already have $660 raised! This is amazing and
we know we can get to our goal in no time with all the amazing love and support we have here at Blue

This is our first ever crowd-funding campaign! We've learned a lot and know that every little bit helps. If
you can make a donation or share this with others, you'll help us reach our goal and inspire our creative

Your contributions are much appreciated!

Thank you so much!



On behalf of the Project Notebook Team
(Bella, Charlotte H)


  1. Well done Grace and congratulations to Bella, Chill and the other learners and staff at Blue Sky School who have all made this project transform from an idea to an inspiring project. - Luc

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