My LeBreton Flats Journey - by Carson Kennedy

Hello readers of this blog. I’m going to fill you in on what I have been doing for a group project.

If you don't know what Blue Sky School is, it is an experimental prototype school of tomorrow. It was started by Shauna Pollock and Karen Hill. It was designed for students that want to explore their passions or want to try something new. The idea is that we will build the skills to become changemakers. I started at Blue Sky because I needed more help with work and I was having trouble making friends. I was one of the first students out of nine in the whole school.

Now that you are caught up, a couple of months ago, Shauna asked a few of the learners if we wanted to do a group project and we all said “yes!” She told us that we were going to be working on a project about LeBreton Flats (where the Ottawa Senators were going to build a new arena) with the purpose of drafting a proposal for how LeBreton Flats could be redesigned, followed by a presentation to the NCC (National Capital Commission). Part of this plan was to propose the idea that we could eventually create a Blue Sky School in LeBreton Flats!

So far we have gone to LeBreton Flats and scouted out the area.

We also went to the University of Ottawa were we worked on our tasks and planned out a possible structure for a future workshop.

Finally, we presented our research on the LeBreton Flats area. I did my research on the history of LeBreton Flats.

To read more on my research click here »My Research«


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