A Shift in Attitude - Reflections of a Blue Sky Parent

Happy learners at Blue Sky School.
Our attitudes begin to develop in childhood and constantly evolve and change over the years through day-to-day interactions and experiences. All the things that you have been through, all the people you have met and interacted with can have an impact on your attitude. One’s school environment can greatly influence one’s attitude.

   Unfortunately for our daughter, her conventional school experience was not the best. As a bright and eager learner who aspired to work on more creative projects, her needs were not being met. She was so bored. So stuck. It was sad to see such passion being sucked out of her and she began to develop a very negative attitude towards school.

    The infrastructure of the conventional school model just doesn't allow for this type of creative outlet. It's a time management and numbers thing. No fault of all the great teachers out there.  With the increased demands on the classroom teacher, higher student to teacher ratio, how can today’s teachers possibly have time for all the extras like; enrichment opportunities, even more clubs in addition to the ones they already do, time for a one on one pep talk or just an opportunity to really get to know each student in their class?

    We needed a change. We needed to help reshape our daughter’s perception of school and turn her negative attitude into a positive one!

    Blue Sky School (BSS) has the kind of  environment that you want your children to have access to. BSS provides daily inspiration and encouragement to move beyond your child’s temporary failures in their journey towards becoming a better version of themselves.  Learners are inspired every day and begin to recognize that what they are  trying to accomplish can in fact be achieved.

Julia's learning journey has been featured on Belouga, a digital platform to "learn about the world, with the world." Learners around the world are participating in her Deep Dive series to learn about her experiences in the Blue Sky methodology.
   Our daughter has become more optimistic, increasingly social and  most of all, she is happy. The nurturing environment and philosophy of BSS makes her feel like she matters. That what she aspires to accomplish  through her education is of value and is meaningful to her.  She is no longer bored. She wishes the school day was longer and  that weekends and summers were shorter… Her attitude towards school has completely SHIFTED in 1 year of attending BSS.

Julia and her peers consulted with game designers in California about a new game they have been testing for them.
BSS is more than a school. It feels like an extended family where coaches, learners and parents are all equally involved in helping to inspire and shape these brilliant young minds into change makers of the future.


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