My Brain is Like a Control Centre by Tim

How does my brain work? My brain is like a business building or like a university or like a control centre so there's a bunch of rooms and they all control different parts of my body and my brain. For example, there is movement, memories, my internal thoughts, how I act, etc and in all those rooms instead of people in a university, it's all my emotions and personalities. For example, there is focus, stress and fear, creativity, etc.

All of the emotions/personalities have jobs to do within a day and sometimes they are called to go off schedule because as I've learned, not everything goes according to plan. For example, if my teacher says, “Hey Tim, you have new assignment,” so then the schedule changes.

In the memory section of my brain, there is one room called reminders. This is where all the ideas that I have go when I forget them. Some memories or ideas will temporarily leave but they always come back. I like to think of my memories or ideas as balloons because just like an idea, you will get one, let go by accident, and eventually it will come back.

The balloons in my head need a little push or reminder to come back down. Here are different ways of being reminded of something. For example, I forget to eat my lunch and someone says, “Hey look there's an apple tree outside.” That reminds me of an apple, which reminds me of apple slices, which reminds me of the apple slices in my lunch, and then I remember that I forgot to eat my lunch.

A way to stop the process of forgetting ideas from happening is by writing it down. Once a balloon has come down, I only have so much time before I let it go. If I write it down, the notes and drawings are like heavy rocks or a bag of sand that holds the balloon down.

This is just a glimpse of my brain. There is so much more to learn but for now thank you for
reading and have a nice day.


  1. Even if this didn't have your name on it, I would know that this post was by you, Tim! I'm so proud of you for reflecting on how your brain works and for continuing to develop this metaphor that really helps others understand you and your processes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really like how you thought of your brain as a control center this is so cool! :)

  3. i love the way you explained the way your brain works, its very creative and unique. also love how you drew it to let the readers see what you mean

    1. by the way this is jess:)


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