How Do I Learn? by Carson

For me to learn I need a quiet space, if I don’t have a quiet space I will be chating with the other learners in the school,  If I do that I will be screwing up everyone's learning and that’s just not good.

At my other schools I would talk to everyone and be distracting and get sent to the office a lot, so at Blue Sky School I wanted a new start I’m trying my best to not chat with the other learners when they are working.

When someone is usually trying to teach me something I won’t get it because of my dyslexia. Working is something I have trouble with but if I'm working with my hands I can accomplish a ton of things. Last year I built a table with a guy (Phil Wood) I met at a workshop called Functional Reclaimed. It took a bit of time with all of the stages of building. Some of the steps were shopping to get the materials, planning the design, cutting the wood, fitting the wood, building the base, getting the glass,  and fitting the glass. It took me about 4 and a half months of 1 hour sessions once a week. I think I work better with my hands because I need really experience it.

(My table I built with Phil)

When I have to do homework I like to walk in circles (pace). Ever since I was a little kid doing homework was a struggle I would through fits and cry for hours then when I got to the age of 8 I started to pace it helped me get my brain working while I work on my homework.
One time in grade 4 we had to do a presentation on endangered animals I chose the snow leopard we had 3 weeks to work on it. So I worked on it with my dad which is usually a struggle but for this project I really really wanted to get a good mark and improve. So my dad and I worked on it every day for 3 weeks and so when I was practising my speech I would pace (walk in circles) while doing my speech to my dad. One day my dad told me not to walk in circles and that day I didn’t get a lot work done so THAT proves that walking in circles helps me.

If I don’t have breaks I will be the most frustrated person and give up on everything so that’s why when we all made our perfect school schedule I have at least 2 breaks a day. Doing this blog post I have taken like 3 breaks (brain boost) every day.

Asking for help was a struggle for my whole life and it still kinda is to this day. When I go to ask for help I feel stupid, I know that if you ask for help your not “stupid” but I still feel that way. So that is why I came to blue sky so I could get help without feeling stupid.
Now that i’m at Blue sky I feel like I’m in a safe enough space that I can ask for help before blue sky people would make fun of people who would ask for help so I never did, Thank GOD I’m at Blue Sky.

(Diefenbunker tour)


  1. I really liked how you noticed that you would be talking if you weren't in a quiet space and you noticed that, that is not helping others.Great gob

  2. I didn't know this before and I find it really interesting that walking in circles helps you, it has helped me before as well. I can relate to the asking for help thing as well, I've never liked asking for help and I'm glad that now you are more comfortable asking.
    Was writing the blog post difficult? Was it hard talking about past experiences?

    1. I kinda liked talking about my past experiences

  3. naa it wasn't hard it was kinda fun

  4. I liked how you ended it "Thank GOD im at Blue Sky "I feel the same way thank god were all at Blue Sky:)


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