How Distractions Help Me by Kiara

People often misunderstand me when I say how I work. They think that because I say I work well quietly, I mean completely isolated. That, however, couldn't be farther from the truth. I’m an ambivert, so I fall somewhere in the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum.

At the beginning of this exploration (A seven week period each focusing on a different topic) on cognition, we were instructed to take the 16 Personalities Test and write a conclusion about whether we thought the results were true or not. I got Campaigner- ENFP-T. After doing some research on my result, I found out that Campaigners have extroverted thought and intuition, but introverted feeling and sensing. This puts me in the middle of the spectrum.

I often say that I work best quietly, but that does not mean in a quiet environment. I actually like working in busier places, places where I get lost in the noise and crowd. My ideal learning and working environment is also heavily impacted when I’m far away from people I trust. It becomes difficult and frustrating for me to work on something I know little about without them, as they are beacons of familiarity. However, when I am working on something I am more comfortable with, it’s easier for me to settle, so when I am working, I can focus better.

The “beacon of familiarity” idea can also be substituted by listening to music. When there aren’t sounds around me, it feels as if my brain is filled with cotton and i’m being smothered by the silence.The same goes for doodling. At the beginning of our current exploration, we were told that, as an experiment, we weren’t allowed to doodle or listen to music. That was a problem for me. The no doodling was especially an issue, because i need to be working with my hands to listen effectively.

What most people would call a distraction, I would call extremely helpful, otherwise, I get anxious. If a distraction isn’t helpful, I don’t think that what helps me counts. I know that that idea is uncommon, but that’s just how my brain works, I guess.


  1. Kiara - thanks for sharing your reflections. The "beacon of familiarity" is a new concept to me. Where did you learn about that?

    Also, what kinds of music help you to focus best?

  2. I love how you added the personalty quiz in this you have so much evidence on your learning

    1. Agreed, Julia! It's great to see which activities stuck with each of you and why.


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