Who Am I in a Group? by #charlotteworldwide

Group work has always been a challenging hole to fill in the traditional school system with all the unique diverse ideas and reasonable participation in every student, trying the activity before deciding not or to participate. Today several kids at traditional schools are highly struggling with the outdated curriculum on social skills and  building healthy relationships. Thoughout this blog post I would like to break down some main factors that I believe help others when working in a group that is diverse.
Assumption of “ Special Needs Or Disabilities”

At my former school I  witnessed a lot of discrimination of neurological needs and disabilities in group work,  I know this has been happening because I have been one of those people. I was diagnosed with Autism when I was only 3 years old and ever since then it has been challenging to tell my peers about my “Special Needs” because they sometimes didn’t understand me or made assumptions about how I learn based of what they already knew about others with my neurological disorder. Now at Blue Sky School I advocate and speak up about my identity ( I feel others won’t judge, add Biffin and Turner vid).

Validation : At Blue Sky School we are big community of learners and coaches working together to make sure no one that comes into our space ever feels left out or inadaquate. In our 6th cognition exploration week on this  same topic of “ How Can I Work With People Who Are Different Than Me” we all participated in outdoor winter activity where we were split up into groups of 4\5 learners. Each of us in every group had a limitation, I was given the limitation of picking one spot   and not move my legs remainder of the game. I felt grateful that I could still give clear directions to my group. I ‘m proud of my team mates for being flexible when our snow creation fell down because we made it into something extremely unique.

Who Am I In A Group? :

In past group work others have not listened to my ideas which has lasted me the role of a more introverted follower. I have always preferred to work independently because I get to write my own story and I will understand my own ideas unlike peers. I also feel people see me as more of a group energizer although I have been hard on myself saying it doesn’t matter.

By #CharlotteWorldwide


  1. #, You have such intellectual depth when you write and your empathy and understanding of people who are neurologically diverse shines through! I really appreciate how you made this so personal to you and were so brave about sharing your diagnosis. You are a true advocate not just for ones who would be considered "Special" in the traditional system, but for anyone who has ever felt different or lonely. Keep sharing and shining in the most # way!
    - Grace

    1. Thanks for that beautiful feedback Grack!.


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