Changemaker Blog Post: Why YOU Should Care About CTE - by Seb

CTE found in 99% of studied brains from deceased NFL players because cte is the most common long term brain trauma in football.

CTE is something called chronic traumatic encephalopathy and it takes place in the brain. What does CTE do, CTE forms clumps of a protein called tau and slowly destroys brain cells. Is there a cure? The sad truth is that there is no cure and no way to diagnose it because it can only be found be an autopsy.

What are the different sense between concussions and CTE, concussions is that there is no serious long term effect unless you have multiple and if you have multiple there is a larger chance to have CTE.

I think that if there was more awareness of CTE I think it would be much easier to find a cure.

I hope that in the future it will be more easy to diagnose CTE.

-by Seb

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