Changemaker Blog Post: A Japanese Cat Island - by Sean

Tashirojima is part of about a dozen “cat islands” around japan, where cats outnumber humans
six to one. Recently gaining popularity online, tashirojima has seen a steep rise of visitors.

Cat island takes about 2600 yen, about 21$ and a 50 minute ferry ride to get to, it only runs a
couple times per day so if you miss it or if it gets canceled, you get stuck on cat island, not
exactly the worst thing in the world. You see, cat island was never supposed to be a tourist
destination, the cats were originally introduced to keep down mice populations and both
superstition and fondness for the cats led to an explosion in their population. More than 100
cats not live on this island. And while some measures has been taken to provide tourism, it has
still been a struggle keeping up with all the diseases.

Tashirojima is a small fishing island off the coast of sendai, and, it is inhabited by an
extraordinary amount of cats, Tashirojima has a lot of abandoned buildings including a
school which you can enter at your own risk as there are interesting and reminiscent
reminders that children used to live on this island.


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