Changemaker Blog Post: Be Aware - by #charlotteworldwide

Helping my community ( and the world) be more aware and treat our Autistic peers with with the respect they deserve.

People with Autism may learn differently than others just like the rest of us.
Ask them “how do you learn’’. Don’t reject their answer just because it’s different
than the way you learn because there is no right way to learn. People learn in
different ways on different days.

Everyone needs to feel unconditionally loved, including Autistic people. Give them
the amount of support you would want but don’t walk around supporting them all
the time. They can handle some situations on their own.

Events like Autism On The Hill give me hope for a future that has a better
understanding of Autism.

Fantastic Five Tips for Being a Friend to Someone with Autism
1. People with Autism like support.  We like it when people tell us what we do well
instead of what we do wrong. Sometimes we like it when you give us credit and
recognition. But don’t walk around supporting us all the time.

2. Don’t be afraid to approach them or ask them questions about their interests.
Although some autistic people may be more sensitive than others .You should
never assume or stereotype.

3. Although they may have learning differences from you, that does not mean that
they are not as capable as you. You can do anything you put your mind to, it
should not be different for them.

4. Some people with Autism may need time to give you an answer, be as kind and
patient as you would like to be treated.

5. Some people with autism like to move around a lot . Some of them may have
a “ stimm” . A “stimm” is a movement that someone may do to express strong
emotions. It may look unusual to others but it is there way to express there
emotions. Anyone can have a “stimm”, not just our Autistic peers.


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