An Interview with Carson Kennedy, future chef

Emma Wallace spoke with me, Carson Kennedy, to get the scoop on my love of cooking and food! I am a pioneer student at Blue Sky School. I’m famously known for my pita chips, stir frys AND cookie pizzas.

“ Carson won’t stop making concoctions.”
  • John Kennedy (Carson’s Dad)

Q: Why do you love cooking?
A: It is fun. You get to eat something that you made and you try to make something that someone who is good at
cooking tried to make. I like to succeed at things that others have succeeded at. I like to chop vegetables and
physically prepare the food. I don’t like measuring things.

Q: Where do you find your recipes?
A:  I don’t really use recipes. I just make things how I know how to make them. I make things to my taste. In the
summer, I have made a party drink that I call “The Iceberg”. You take 7-up or Sprite and Cool Whip (the liquid
stuff in the can). You pour the cool whip into the 7-up. Since it is fizzy it foams up and makes it look like an
iceberg when you drink it. I actually tastes really good! I think anyways...

Q: What inspires you to cook?
A:  Cooking shows. Master Chef and Zumbo’s Just Desserts are so good! I love how they are just so good making
things. I think that I can be that good. Every time I watch a cooking show, I want to make one of the things that I
saw on the show straight after. My parents usually don’t let me because cooking shows can be on pretty late at

Q: What is your favourite thing to make?
A: That’s a hard question. I like to make stir frys. I really like frying things. I also like to bake. I make good
cookies and even made a cookie pizza for our Christmas party at school. Everyone was talking about how
delicious it was!

I hope that you enjoyed my blog post. If you are looking for cooking inspiration I would recommend watching
chef Gordon Ramsay or Zumbo’s Just Desserts!


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