Saving South Sudan by Grace

A couple months ago, South Sudan was a foreign topic for me. I had a vague idea of where it was and what it was going through. But now, knee deep into my most current life-long project on building a South Sudanese shelter, I know a lot about what is happening to the women there, so much as a matter of fact that sometimes I imagine that I am living it.  It keeps recurring in my thoughts that in South Sudan right now, a woman is probably being raped, that a child is probably going hungry and their mother and father are not there to feed them.

Here’s one thing I definitely know about South Sudan: that this country is suffering and the women there are struggling the most. I have learned a lot from my reading. There are two reasons in my opinion why this is, the first reason is because of the culture there, a lot of people believe that the women there do not have any intellectual depth and you can do whatever you want with them, the second reason is because South Sudan is currently a war zone due to the current fight that is happening with the government and no one is in their right mind. The government soldiers there rape women on a daily basis and no one is there to see it, no one ever feels safe. My friend Atong who lives in South Sudan knows nothing about the concept of safety, and feeling comfortable is an abstract thought to her. This is a huge problem that needs to be more well known.

Not a lot of people know about what is happening in South Sudan but getting the message around is the first step to start making it a better place. Tell your friends and family and neighbours about this issue to make the message known. Take care of the women or girls in your life ,including yourself (if you identify as a girl or woman), and also remember to take care of the men too! Make them feel like it is good to feel protected! Feel grateful that you can go to sleep soundly not having to worry that a bomb might go off at any second, or that someone might take over your house. Spread love all around including South Sudan because it needs it now more than ever. If you do this, then we will soon change South Sudan for the greater good!


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