Undercover learning!-By Madison

Undercover Learning-By Madison

One of the questions we're often asked here at Blue Sky School is: "how are we learning math?" It can be hard for people to understand that we learn math without a sit-down class, so I want to tell you about some of our undercover learning with regards to math. At Blue Sky, we often go shopping and we learned about unit value. Another example of when we do undercover math is in our house meeting. In the morning, our coaches put out a little sign with some reminders and a riddle or a "would you rather" question. Our coach Brianne displays the results of the survey answers for the "would you rather" questions in a pie chart. At the house meeting, we convert the percents into fractions and do some math connecting to the pie chart. At Blue Sky School we also do lots of cooking which involves measuring!One more example is all of the building we do that involves math with measuring and weight. Our garden team is also learning to scale drawings, measure area, and budget for supplies. These are just some the examples of the undercover math we do at Blue Sky School.


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