My Dream: A South Sudanese Women's Shelter - by Grack

With my school we went on this field trip to Future of Good. Future of Good was a two day event of 150 people from all over the world! It was about getting inspired and taking action to change the world and think about the future and how today might affect tomorrow. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

What really made that field trip so special for me is I had the privilege of getting to know these two women named Atong and Alia. They are both advocates for women in their countries and overall role models for every girl in the world. I know that they both inspired me and therefore inspired me to take action!

Atong is from South Sudan where women do not get a say in their lives. For example, some women are forced to get married at a very young age, forced to work at home, and most of the time, forced to have children. When I heard this, it broke my heart and I knew I needed to do something! I discovered what my heart break is. A heart break is something in the world that you really want to change and you just can't stand living with.

That is when I came up with the idea to create a safe place for women in South Sudan where women can discover their passions, connect with other women, and most importantly, feel safe. I think my womens shelter could change many womens' lives for the greater good, not just for them, but for the world because they might be the next change makers of our century.


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