How I Came to Terms With The Villain in Our Society: Climate Change - by Grace Marshmallows

I've always tried to dismiss the obvious, I've always tried to convince myself that the planet is
not heating up, and most importantly, ignored the effect it might cause on us, humans.

When I was given the freedom to choose whatever project I wanted here at Blue Sky School,
at first I had no idea! But then, the oblivious glasses that were concealing my eyes seemed to
fly off as I looked out the windows every day to see that there were extremely weird weather
patterns. I was getting really curious and decided to do some research on why this was. I
figured out this was all due to a villain in our society: climate change, and climate change was
all due to us. Maybe we’re the villains in our society!

All of a sudden it hit me, the earth was heating up and as humans, we needed to clean up the
mess that we made. I started brainstorming ideas that I could do and it all came down to inspiring
others to take action with me. All heroes need to have an army, especially to take down the evil
villain, climate change.

I started to do a lot more research (with a lot of help from my developing army: my mom, dad and
Shauna) and put it all into a big slideshow to present to my class. It was a huge success and my
class was so supportive and immediately joined my army. From the slide show, an idea
developed called Green Team and to this day we meet and talk about what we are going to do to
take action. Recently we have been planning a spring clean up, but that is another story...

There were a lot of times when I felt so depressed that our earth was turning into one big
battlefield (aka dump) with all of climate change’s soldiers such as water bottles, straws, and car
gas. But, my loving army always raised my spirits and I am so grateful to have them in this big
fight with me. The fight against climate change’s army is going to take a lot of time, and a lot of
people. My army, and all armies all over the world, are still quite small because we need your
help for this fight to end. Today, when you look at a piece of trash or when you watch a car go
by, think of how much of an impact it is causing on the earth. Try and use less trash today and
together we can fight climate change!!

If you would like to join our army here is the contact information for me and my partner!


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