Are trips to Made Mill-By Madison

Blue Sky School has just begun partnering with a business called Made Mill. Made Mill is a company that helps people design and invent. For example, if you have a design on paper they could 3D print it for you so you can have a prototype of our design. Made Mill is located at Bayview Yards innovation centre. Will, Tom, Rebecca, and Peter from Made Mill have been helping us with a special project that they have given us. To design the city of the future. We have been designing in 2 different ways.The first thing we did was virtual reality. This is how virtual reality works. You put on a headset and you have a remote, it is like you have gone into another world. With the remotes, we all drew something we thought would make a difference in the future for the future. It was so amazing to see all of our creative and unique ideas. The second thing that we did was 3D printing. We used a program called "". is a website that allows you to create custom 3D print designs and edit other design we find online. We all created a custom design of a part of the city of the future we chose based on things that are world needs. For example, food, entertainment, housing etc. Every body's designs were so inspiring and creative. There we secure housing and flying cars, parks, restaurants it was amazing. We really enjoyed our time at Made Mill and learned so much from them. 

Written by: Madison George 


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