A New Experience!- By Madison

Today we had a very exciting experience. Blue Sky School went to Algonquin college to judge a competition. A few students in the interactive, media, design (i.m.d) program designed some different apps and programs. Each team had a different client and they had to create a product that matched there clients requests. Each of us was assigned 2 or 3 groups. We went to those groups and heard about there projects and asked questions. On our computers, we had a scoring sheet. We rated different categories like how they explained there display, how they displayed their project etc. Everybody's project was amazing. They were so creative and all of there displays were so cool. We have never had a chance to be judges like this before. It was such a neat oppurtunity and we learned so many things like the importance of teamwork, integrity, accountability and so much more. We are very grateful for this oppurtunity that Algonquin College has given us.


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