Why should I go to school?

     Why should I go to school? The age of old question asked by the majority of the under 18 population who go to school. You've heard the basic "It's important and it'll help you in your future life" answer told by every teacher ever, but apart from that, why should you go to school? For many, it's not engaging and it's not pleasurable. For those people, whether they want to go to school is almost as rhetorical as being asked, "Would you like to get shot with a massive gun?" (In case you're wondering, for me the answer is no to the gun thing.)

     Below are 7 (my new favourite number) reasons why you should put the effort in to go to school every day. And yes, the follow up to the User Interface blog post is coming soon.

1. Why not? School may not be the greatest, but it's most definitely not the worst! It's something to do when you're bored and an excuse to get out of doing chores. It could definitely be better, but it could also be worse.

2. Your friends. I have good friends and the chances are high you do too. Friends (or more specifically a social life) are a large and important part of becoming a well-rounded human being.

So....It turns out, I can't think of more than two cool things about schooling today. Instead, I will list the remaining five reasons about why you will want to come to Blue Sky School everyday.

1. Your learning is about you, it's to your pace how you want it.

2. The teachers are your friends! We all know friends work better together and having fun. In  my opinion, it's a power combo! You should go check out a blog I wrote called Why Students and Teachers Should be Friends.

3. Amazing facilities. The facilities at Blue Sky School are, to say the least, awesome. With maker spaces, yoga studios, and much more, Blue Sky School is a fantastic school that will make you begging to go to school. The facilities are provided by Modern Niagara, a construction company that gave Blue Sky School a part of their space.

4. Small class sizes. At Blue Sky School, the beginning class (Pioneer Class) will be of only 12 students. These small class sizes mean more attention from your educator and that results in many good things.

5. Mentorship Program. Something amazing about Blue Sky School is that we're active in the community. Mentors are really important and they can help expand our horizons and help us figure out what we want to achieve in life. Blue Sky School knows this and we will be continually bringing in mentors who work in all sorts of places.

I really hope you've enjoyed reading this blogpost. Here's a question: What motivates you to wake up everyday?

Hari Adnani, 12
Student Advisor for Blue Sky School opening in September 2017


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