Why do YOU want to reimagine schooling?

On Wednesday night, our friends at Shopify welcomed us into their inspiring space for a Blue Sky School Action Team workshop about reimagining schooling.

We had an incredible turn-out, over 40 passionate disruptors braved the weather and the traffic to join us after what was, for most, an already long day of work and life. (One of my former BEd students actually took a bus in from Montreal just for this event and had to leave a little early to catch a bus back! Huge shout out to Amanda!)

One of the most exciting parts of this event was how many new faces joined us. Blue Sky School really is becoming a movement and seeing the amazing people who come out to learn with us is humbling.

We explored the WHY of schooling and learning, but we had to start with the WHY for each participant.

When participants arrived, we asked them to answer the question: "Why are you here tonight?" Below are some of our favourite answers:

  • I'm interested in new forms of learning and teaching after just finishing teacher's college
  • I want to help out
  • I want to learn more!
  • I want to change education in Ottawa
  • I am a Pioneer Student at Blue Sky
  • I'm interested to help
  • To help create useful, creative curriculum
  • As a retired teacher, I'm concerned about our public system and want to promote positive learning centres
  • To contribute
  • To help in any way I can!
  • To help (this one appeared a lot!)
  • To provide the best for kids
  • Listen and share
  • To support Blue Sky School!
  • Listen, learn, share and contribute
  • To contribute to Blue Sky School and it's growth

When people ask me WHY people to support us, with their money, their ideas and their time, I never know quite how to answer. There is not a specific, "What's in it for me?" formula that we can define. 

What I have learned, though, is that people care. They want to make an impact. They love connecting with others who care and take action to make change. They are looking for projects to be a part of.

Watching the conversations that went on WAY after our long session was pretty magical. People were so engaged that they just didn't want to go home. The connections that are forming right before our eyes and the community that is developing gives me a lot of hope.

And you, dear reader, why do YOU want to reimagine schooling? Tell us below!

I'm so excited that Blue Sky School is creating the spaces to have the important conversations around learning and schooling and that our movement is growing!

written by Shauna Pollock, Co-founder, Director of Instructional Design, Blue Sky School


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