The Magic Number

When working in UI (User Interface), they say the magic number is seven. According to me, this applies to life. Seven days in a week, seven deadly sins, seven legs on an unfortunate octopus. Do you see my point? This blog post is brought to you by the number seven. (Brownie points if you get that reference.)

The way the number seven will be used today is in the context of elevator pitches. An elevator pitch is basically a quick way to summarize a product, idea, or service. The concept is that you happen to meet an important business prospect in an elevator and the travel to your destination is all the time you have to get your idea across.

Why seven? Well, in my opinion, that’s the maximum amount of sentences you must have in your elevator pitch. However, they can’t just be any seven sentences, they must be methodically written and well delivered. You may be wondering, how does this apply to Blue Sky School? It applies because we thrive to teach students in a manner that the individual can benefit from. In effect, I truly believe that those students will be entrepreneurs.

To help, I have composed the seven steps to creating an effective elevator pitch.

  1. Topic. It’s important to know what you’re talking about.
  2. Be concise. No one likes rambling
  3. The problem. What will your service, idea, or product solve in the world.
  4. Solution. How will your service, idea, or product save the world.
  5. Practice. Always practice your elevator pitch. Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.
  6. Facts. Always have facts. Hard facts are the best way to convince somebody.
  7. Wrap it up and claim your prize. This step speaks for itself.

Elevator pitches are important and the key to them is the number seven. Always use the number seven.

The more you know, right?
Hari, Age 12, Student Advisor

Stay posted for the next time I post, it be about how to expand on all of these. It will be 49 sentences long.


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