What is Blue Sky School?

Imagine if school challenged me to think of the impact I have on the world.

Imagine if I got to be independent and move my learning at my own pace.

Imagine if school inspired me to achieve my most ambitious dreams and plans.

At Blue Sky School, you don't have to imagine any more.

Blue Sky School is the experimental prototype school of tomorrow. We are opening in Ottawa, Canada in September 2017 with an amazing class of 12 Pioneer students.

We are offering a unique new type of learning experience for grade 4-12 learners.
We are a school innovation centre built by, for and as a community.

At Blue Sky School, students engage in passion projects that empower them to impact the world in a positive way.

The issue with modern day schooling is that it is under a one sized fits all category. Students are told to sit down at the same desks day after day, with kids who are the same age as them, split their learning into chunks that are divided by the sound of a bell, answer questions with only one right answer, and raise your hand to get shut down or to ask to go to the washroom.

Everyone is forced to do the same thing, regardless of interests. This is what is hurting our students of today and our leaders of tomorrow.

We’ve all been there where we’ve felt out of place. Whether it is being the only one who doesn’t raise their hand or social conflicts with classmates, we understand. School as we know it is not for everybody.

Contrary to popular belief, how you fit into school doesn’t and shouldn’t define you or your intelligence. School should be full of choice and student voice

Our solution to this problem is Blue Sky School.

We believe it’s going to transform education and change the world. In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Blue Sky School will launch a new way of teaching and learning to prepare students for the challenges of the future in Canada’s capital. Students engage in passion projects the empower them to impact the world in positive ways.

We have a 12 student to one educator ratio. Educators work as pedagogical coaches to support and guide students on their personalized learning journeys. Students are in multi-age learning groups organized in houses that are consistent throughout a students’ entire schooling.

Passionate subject matter experts serve as coaches and mentors.
Students explore the community through field trips and volunteer opportunities.
Blue Sky School’s cutting edge facilities are inspired by entrepreneurial incubators and innovation centres and include coworking facilities, labs and a full kitchen to provide a variety of different learning opportunities.

This is just the beginning for Blue Sky School. We are a living blueprint of the future of education. We welcome educators, thought leaders and researchers to learn alongside our students.

If you would like to learn more about Blue Sky School, visit our website blueskyschool.ca

At Blue Sky School, the sky is never the limit!


  1. Awesome! I am excited to follow your progress in this blog.


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